About me

Hi there, dear visitors,

Me (captured by Sabrina Feige)

„Who is Anglophilus?“, you may ask and I am pleased to provide you with an answer.

My name is Martin Krimmel, I am German, male and happily married, and I have just reached the 50+ age category.

I have a Master’s degree in „American literature, History and Comparative Literary Studies“.

Moreover, I have also cultivated  an aptitude for amateur photography for the last 40+ years.

I have been paying my bills with software documentation, localization and training for for more 16 years now.

Since 2014, I also share a leading position in a regional club-like association called „the photo mafia“ (DieFotoMafia.de) in Herborn, Germany.

Apart from regular social encounters, photowalks etc., we are also cooperating with regional organizations, shooting events and other settings, on a non-commercial basis.

This page is intended to show you some of my works, encouraging an expert discussion on the pros and cons in the „Comments“ section.

So, feel free to connect!