Exhibition „Red“ by Bildsymphonie.de and friends

On March 19th and 20th, I got a chance to participate in an exhibition on the color „Red“ in Lohra (Hesse, Germany).

I presented three images:

Bildsymphonie & friends „R O T“:

The exhibition took place in a carpenter’s workshop giving me a chance to shoot some impressions of the tools and machinery as well:

The exchange with the co-artists and visitors was great after all this time of being artistically locked-in.

Quickly align (straighten) photos in Photoshop

Don’t we all know this: You quickly take a snapshot on the beach with a perfect situation, beautiful colors and a funny face that you will never be able to reproduce. 🙁

Only later, you see that you did not properly align your camera and the horizon is not really „horizontal“ as it should be.

You can easily check the tilt angle using the added helper lines.

Now, being old-fashioned, you could open the image in photoshop, copy the layer, select the main motive, cut it out, copy it to the clipboard, rotate the background layer, insert the cut out main motive again, adjust the missing parts with the repair brush and save the image again…

However, there is a much easier way: the lens correction filter (German: „Objektivkorrektur“).

  1. Open the lens correction filter from the „Filter“ menu.
Easy solution at hand: the „Lens correction“ filter in the menu

2. Select the „Level“ tool on the left.

3. Draw a line across a truly horizontal part of your image.

The horizon should be actually „horizontal“

4. Click OK.

Note aside: Alternatively, you can also use the Ruler tool with Straighten layer.

Only the blank edges now need to be filled or cut away. I want to fill them using the Repair tool.

5. Select the Repair tool on the left.

Smart aid at hand: The Repair tool
Fill in the gaps with the tool

6. Use the brush to draw in the areas to be repaired.

Photoshop will fill the missing bits with matching content.

The result is stunning… in less than 5 minutes‘ work.

Your holiday snap is perfectly in shape now and you can continue to relax. 😀

Not what you think!!! – An optical illusion from the macro world.

These days I experimented with a new setup using my old analog lens on an adjustable macro extension.

Look again… it’s not what you might think!
Look again… it’s not what you might think!
Look again… it’s not what you might think!

I started to shoot what I had available on my desk and thus picked a red pencil. These pictures were the result.

Your first impression was slightly different, even X-rated, wasn’t it? 😉

Here’s the pencil from another angle. Just to prove my point. 😉

I really liked the optical illusion created by a super closeup of such an everyday item.

What do you think?

By the way, here’s what the retro setup looked like:

Retro setup with analog lens, adjustable macro extension and digital SLR.

Competition entry on the subject „Eyes“

In September, our local photo group „Fotofreunde Herborn aka. DieFotoMafia“ held a photo competition on the subject „Eyes“. As my 6-year-old daughter as my usual favorite model did not show too much motivation this time, I thought of an alternative. As „eyes“ also occur on dice and the German word for the grease drops on a soup etc. is „Fettaugen“ („fat eyes“), I improvised and turned a champagne bowl, some vegetable oil, water, syrup and two dice into my setup for the shot, and lit it with my mobile’s torch.

The result was stunning, I think, and it turned out at position three in the competition. I am quite pleased with this result.

Mush(g)rooming for photos

Mushroom in the woods

These days, my family, some friends and I went exploring the fairy tale hike „Little Roothaar“ near Bad Laasphe. Apart from the lovingly prepared stations for the kids, I encountered some of the minute beauties next to the footpaths. They were please to model for some shots and the outcome was quite pleasant, I think.

Head in(to) the clouds

This month’s topic of my group of co-photographers was „clouds“ so I browsed through my archive to find that I have already shot various images of clouds in all sorts of contexts over the years.

What do you think?

My signature shot of „Booze on the Beach…“ over the years

Over the last couple of years, I kept shooting a similar setup whenever we went for the final night picknick on the beach. This year was no different and the picknick on the beach of the German Baltic Sea in July resulted in this:

In previous years, these shots looked „same, same, but different“…

What do you think?

Photowalk in Herborn – Vitos park

As usual, some photo friends went on a walk on April 1. This time, we chose to look for motives in the historic park of the VITOS clinics. The weather was fine this time. Unlike our previous attempt to shoot there last winter. This time, I was able to get quite a few nice shots of the architecture, the plants, and the historic cemeteries.

Photowalk in Wetzlar (Germany)

Recently, a couple of photo friends and I went on a photowalk in the historic town of Wetzlar (Germany). The sky was overcast, the snow had almost fully melted and an almost constant drizzle lowered our expectations of good shots to a minimum. However, I accepted the bad lighting and weather as a challenge and here’s what came out:

I think, they came out not too bad at all. What do you think?

RAW’s hidden treasures

These days, we experienced a foggy winter’s day in the valley and drove up the hill to find that there’s sun above the cloud. Then I, moreover, found that the sundown behind a castle ruin just peaking out above the clouds created a wonderful color gradient, and I painfully regretted not having brought my digital DSLR.

On the other hand, the time to set it up would have ruined the photo opportunity anyway as I only had a few minutes before the sun would have moved out of this spectacular range.

So I picked my mobile phone, enabled the RAW mode camera and did the best I could using the car roof as a tripod.

However, the colors I saw did not seem to be captured in the image at first. It looked pale and flat on the screen , instead of the breathtaking colors I actually saw with my own eyes.

However, I shot in RAW so that my disappointment was soon giving way to hope: with a few sliders moved in Lightroom, the magic evolved and the image came out just as I envisioned it.

Castle Greifenstein in Greifenstein (Hesse, Germany)

This is the photographer’s dream come true and the true benefit of the RAW format. All the true potential of an image shot is stored in the RAW information and can be exposed to match what the photographer saw.

So, photographers out there, use RAW whenever possible, even on you mobiles! It’s well worth the hassle and the additional storage is not wasted.