Da capo! – Exhibition „Red“ by Bildsymphonie.de and friends… continued

The exhibition project „Red“ by Bildsymphonie.de and friends goes into a second round… this time, the venue is a shoe shop (Schuhhaus Schmidt) in Gladenbach.

I will be presenting three images which are playing with illusions, inviting a closer look:

The common concept of these images is to create illusions with everyday items – be it a Lego™️ toy bus replacing its original counterpart in a scene in London or being captured as if it was driving through the vicinity of Herborn, or a red pencil in extreme closeup.

If you missed the first chance, come and see the stunning interpretations of the color Red from October 21 to October 26 at Schuhhaus Schmidt, Marktplatz 2 in 35075 Gladenbach.

Be our guest and look for yourselves!

Perspective, composition, color, focus range

Sometimes a quick „snap“ (here: an image of a sunflower with a bee on my balcony) proves how essential an intuitive selection of the Perspektive, the colors and the focus range are for the quality of an image.

If any of them are „off“, the entire image simply „does not get to you“.

On the other hand, if the situation is right, you have the right perspective and a good combination of depth of field, bokeh, colors and lighting, this can have a stunning effect, pulling you into the image, inviting a second (or third) look.