RAW photography and processing with iPhone 8 plus

These days, while on a walk with my dog along the river passing through my home town Herborn, I tried my first shots with the camera built in the Lightroom app for iOS on my iPhone 8plus. I configured the app to store the images as RAW files (*.dng) to make the best of the post-processing workflow in LR.

Here are some perspectives that came out of cam:

Finding the right composition was tricky as I stood under a bridge limiting my options. Moreover, there’s a  „not quite as scenic“ shopping center on the left.

In the end, I decided to start editing on this version as it seemed to provide the best possible approximation to a classic „golden ratio“ composition.

However, the version is rather „flat“ coming right out of cam as a DNG. My inner eye had seen it differently.

So, here’s what I did about it in Lightroom Classic CC:

  1. Remove chromatic aberrations.
  2. Increase saturation, dynamics and clarity.
  3. Remove mist.
  4. Add vignette.

Do you like the result? I do!

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