Reflections on reflections

This month’s topic for our photo community meeting was „Reflections“, suggesting to use the autumn puddles for some creative ideas.

However, this seemed too obvious and superficial in the true sense of the meaning.

So, while also doing the obvious and taking some shots of a Greek orthodox monastery in a traffic mirror at first, I also reflected about a more creative approach.

I have been fascinated by the facets of an exclusive whiskey tumbler in my possession for some time. Whenever I use it with a good single malt, I keep looking at it and have wondered for a while, if you could use it for some interesting images.

Now, these days, coincidence would have it that my wife also lit some candles on our shiny living room table and this is when I had this „Eureka“ moment.

Why not shoot a whiskey noser and its reflections on the table in front of a candle through a whiskey tumbler…?

And here’s what came out of this:


Quite intriguing, don’t you think?

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