Photowalkus interruptus… the day when the rain set in

On February 1, our gang of photo friends had actually planned a walk through a local park in the dark. All day, water had spoilt our photographic enthusiasm in different aggregate states from rain, sleet, and snow down to hail). However, a few optimists met at 7 p.m. to decide, if we should try for some shots in the dark or take the „shots“ at a local pub, immediately. Read more

Autumn walk with the family

Yesterday, we took the chance for a little walk in the autumn sun, enjoying the colors and little details on the side. I was even able to take a few shots while walking although my daughter pressed on telling the rest of my family why I lagged behind with statements such as „Daddy‘ keeps taking photos again. …“.

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Happiness comes to those who wait

Sometimes waiting for the presenter of a Whiskey tasting can have its benefits. At first you just see the usual grey roof.

But as it gets darker and the ugly parts of the scene dissolve into darkness you suddenly realize that you have a terrific view into the sundown with fascinating lines and colors. Read more

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